Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 2 - Introductions part2

1. Japanese pronunciation.  Everyone learned how to pronounce their own name.  It's harder than you think.
2. We introduced ourselves to each other.
3. Learned the first 5 hiragana characters, a, i, u, e, o.  Or, in hiragana: あいうえお.
4. Download the basic hiragana and katakana chart here.  Or the cartoon animal hiragana chart here.
5. Started Rosetta Stone Lesson 1.  Learned the following vocabulary:

Juusu- Juice
Mizu- Water
Ocha -Tea
Onna no hito -Woman
Onnanoko- Girl
Tabete imasu -Eating
shinbun -Newspaper
hon -Book
nonde imasu -Drinking
Otokonoko -Boy
Otoko no hito -Man

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